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Kidzooie is a comprehensive website of everything to do with kids and families for Illinois. Advertising with us is an inexpensive tool for your business with great traffic rewards.

We're easy to find and registered with hundreds of search engines, directories and other search resources on the web. Kidzooie ranks very high on most search engines including first page placement on Google and Yahoo for many categories.

Our affordable rates are as follows:

Your business listing with a direct link to your website is $100/year. We also sell banners. Please see our chart below for pre-paid rates. Thank you for visiting

Pre-Paid Rates
(as of January 1, 2008)
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
Business Listing
with Website Link
Top Banner/Area
(320w x 60h pixels)
Top Banner/Page
(320w x 60h pixels)
Side Banner/Page
(140w x 75h pixels)
Star Category Page Side Banner
( Fun, Scholastic, Art/Music,
Unique, Seasonal, Sports, Places)

(140w x 75h pixels)


Professional Website Design

Kidzooie can design or redesign a website for your business at a very affordable rate. Websites start at $150 for a simple one page site, including one e-mail address giving you full autonomy over your website.
We can also host your website and give you as many pages as you need. Let our designers give you a cost effective website.

In today's market, it's important to have a website representing your place of business announcing your presence on the worldwide web. Kidzooie understands this concept and we are very willing to help you boost your business.

If you are interested in obtaining a website or redesigning your current website, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail and we will have one of our kidzooie representatives contact you. Thank you. e-mail -

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